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What Are Important Questions During a Dental Implant Consultation?

January 24, 2022

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Among the ways you can learn about a subject, having a one-on-one conversation with an expert is pretty high up on the list. If you are missing teeth and considering your plan of action, scheduling a dental implant consultation is a great idea so you can find out if that’s the best choice for you.

Showing up with pertinent questions to ask your implant dentist in Rochester is far better than arriving unprepared and asking, “What do I need to know?” Read on to get some question ideas.


How to Clean Your Tongue to Ensure Dental Health

January 4, 2022

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When it comes to your health, you may be used to looking out for differences in your energy levels, your skin, and your blood pressure. One often overlooked window into your health includes your tongue. While your dentist will look at your tongue for any clues pertaining to oral cancer, there are other changes you can be on the lookout for yourself.

Generally speaking, any significant changes in color or the development of pain and lumps may indicate a health problem. Read on to learn from your dentist in Rochester about different conditions your tongue can be in and what it means, as well as how to clean your tongue properly.


How Spending More Time Outside Can Benefit Your Smile

December 30, 2021

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Though brushing, flossing, and visiting your dentist every six months for checkups and cleanings are all key parts of maintaining a healthy smile, those aren’t the only ways you can improve good oral health. Going outside for just an hour or two each day can also be beneficial for your smile. Read on to learn why this is as well as other ways that you can take better care of your pearly whites.


The Top 3 Filthiest Items in Your Home

December 14, 2021

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As much as we want to think otherwise, the world is full of disgusting germs and bacteria. It may surprise you to learn that some of the everyday items we come into contact with are a lot nastier than others. Do you know what the dirtiest thing in your home is? If you guessed your toilet seat, you may want to think again. In fact, studies show that it’s one of the cleanest objects because it’s washed regularly. Read along to learn about the three filthiest objects in your home (which includes your toothbrush holder!) and how you can keep them clean.


You Asked, We Answered: Why Do I Have a Bitter Taste in My Mouth?

November 15, 2021

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From pure dark chocolate to straight black coffee, some of the finer things in life are bitter. However, a persistent bad taste in your mouth could be a symptom of something more severe. If you’ve begun to experience a persistent, unpleasant taste lingering in your mouth or on your breath, don’t panic. Instead, keep reading to learn the common causes, how to prevent it, and why you should talk to your dentist.


Have Dental Insurance? Here’s How to Maximize Your Benefits

November 1, 2021

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Do you want to toss valuable dollars in your trash can, flush them down the toilet, or scatter them in the wind? No, right? Unfortunately, you may be unintentionally wasting money each year by not utilizing your dental plan to the fullest. Don’t worry – making a change is easy. To learn a few easy ways to maximize your dental insurance benefits, read on!


How Flossing Every Day Can Save Your Life

October 30, 2021

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Be honest… When was the last time you flossed? If you’ve fallen out of the habit of flossing each day, there is much more at risk than the look and function of your smile. After all, your oral health is directly linked to your overall wellbeing. But could committing to flossing really save your life? Read on to find out!


Why Does My Jaw Hurt on Only One Side?

October 7, 2021

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While sleeping, you’re jolted awake by a sudden pain on only one side of your jaw. Although the situation can be alarming and confusing, don’t worry – it typically isn’t a cause of immediate concern. However, that doesn’t stop the questions from running through your head. What does it mean? When should you see a dentist? How can you alleviate the discomfort? Luckily, we’ve got all the answers you’re searching for and more – just keep reading!


Cosmetic Dentistry: The Key to Aging Gracefully?

September 30, 2021

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With each passing birthday, you may notice changes to your appearance. While aging is a privilege, it’s natural to want to turn back the clock, restoring your youthful look. For many, the first thing they think of is BOTOX. Although the fine line-erasing benefits are substantial, there is a better way to boost your confidence: cosmetic dentistry. Keep reading to learn how aging changes your smile and effective dental treatments that can help you look younger!


Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Be Afraid of the Dentist This Halloween

September 16, 2021

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According to the American Dental Association, 22% of adults who avoid visiting the dentist do so out of fear. This keeps them from receiving the care they need and can lead to a range of dental health issues. Whether it’s during the Halloween season or any other time of the year, the dentist’s office is one place you don’t need to fear. Here are some of the reasons why the dentist isn’t as scary as you might think

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