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Restorative Dentistry in Rochester

Rochester restorative dentistry man in blue suitUnlike most bodily injuries, dental damage won’t heal itself over time. Instead, problems can only become worse from a lack of attention. That’s why we strongly recommend seeking out treatment at Zumbro Family Dental in these situations. Dr. Nicholas Brong can provide patients with the personalized, revitalizing treatment they need to regain their smile’s full function and aesthetic quality. Contact our office today if you have any questions about our restorative care, or if you’re ready to schedule an appointment. We also welcome dental emergencies!

Dental Crowns & Bridges

Dental crowns are used to cover an individual tooth and restore its structure in a lifelike manner. There are many cases where a crown may be the right choice to correct a patient’s dental needs, including:

  • When a tooth is experiencing significant decay that can’t be treated with a filling
  • When a tooth is cracked or fractured
  • When a tooth has become weaker over time and is in need of protection
  • When a tooth needs restoration after undergoing root canal treatment or the placement of a dental implant
  • When a tooth is suffering from purely aesthetic concerns, such as misshapen structure

In most cases, having a crown created and placed will take two to three appointments. After preparing the tooth in question and taking impressions, Dr. Brong will send this information off to a skilled laboratory. In the meantime, he will place a temporary crown over the tooth to protect it. Once the permanent crown has arrived at our office, you’ll be invited back so that it can be adjusted as needed and cemented in place. 

Dental crowns are also used in conjunction with bridges, which offer patients a tooth replacement solution that’s sturdier than traditional dentures. This is achieved by using the crowns to “anchor” the prosthetic in place between adjacent healthy teeth, replenishing one or more gaps in a beautiful and lifelike fashion. Like crowns, the creation and placement of a permanent bridge requires two to three appointments here at Zumbro Family Dental. 

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Full & Partial Dentures

Are you suffering from significant tooth loss? In these situations, patients often turn to dentures because of their reliability, their convenience, and their affordability. Thankfully, Dr. Brong can provide a personalized prosthetic with a comfortable and secure fit. You’ll either need a full prosthetic (designed to replace a full arch of teeth) or a partial prosthetic (designed to replace certain teeth on one arch), both options being removable for simple cleaning and storage.

Are you dissatisfied with your current denture? Follow the link to learn more about dental implants and implant-retained prosthetics. This solution may provide you with the sturdier, more lifelike smile you’re looking for.

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