Frequently Asked Dental Questions – Rochester, MN

Teaching Our Patients More About Dentistry

In addition to providing comprehensive dental care, we also want to give our patients the knowledge to make good oral health decisions. Are there a few things that you’ve always wanted to know about dentistry? You can find a few examples of questions that other patients have asked in the past listed below. If there’s still something on your mind after reading through everything, don’t forget that you can always call us to ask directly.

How often should I visit Zumbro Family Dental?

According to the American Dental Association, patients should visit the dentist two times every year for dental checkups and teeth cleanings. This gives the dentist an opportunity to diagnose and treat oral health concerns in their earliest stages.

 Should I bring my child to your dental office?

We welcome patients of all ages, and we love to offer kids the same level of outstanding care that we offer adults. Please bring your child to see us for regular appointments and teeth cleanings twice a year.

What is periodontal disease?

Periodontal (gum) disease is an inflammation or infection of the gum tissue that occurs when plaque or tartar build up at the gum line irritates soft tissue leading to sores, tissue loss, and other concerns.

Do you see emergency appointments?

We welcome patients experiencing dental emergencies to contact us right away. Our dedicated team will try to see you as soon as possible, and on the same day if at all possible.

 Do you take my insurance?

We proudly work with many of the leading insurance providers and are happy to process and file claims to help patients receive the maximum benefit for their coverage.