Debunking DIY Braces—Instead, Leave it to Your Dentist

March 15, 2019

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You’ve dreamed of a straighter smile for years, and since you never got braces when you were younger, you begin to toy with the thought of what they would look like on you. The only problem is that traditional braces seem way too expensive! While googling braces, you may have seen the new trend of DIY braces, and they don’t look that bad! Why not try them out just to see if they work? Well, your dentist may not be able to fix the damage that DIY braces will inevitably cause your oral health. Read on for a list of consequences from giving yourself braces.

What Are DIY Braces?

The article you looked at about giving yourself braces may have promised professional results, but they’ll more than likely do more damage than good for your smile. Most recipes for DIY braces include items like superglue, orthodontic wax, rubber bands, hairbands, dental floss, and paper clips.

If it isn’t obvious enough, none of these ingredients are professional quality or sterile, meaning they could lead to infections. Even though it may seem like DIY braces could save you money, in the long run, they will only cost you a fortune and may make your smile irreparable. Here are 3 consequences of trying to finagle braces out of household items.

They Could Alter Your Ability To Speak

Even if you just attempt to make braces for a few teeth instead of your whole mouth, it’ll end up altering surrounding teeth whether you intended that or not. Your jaw may shift as a result and affect how you chew and speak. It’s very possible that you will develop speech impediments like a lisp or lose the ability to create certain sounds with your mouth.

They Could Hurt Your Smile

Items like paperclips can easily cut your gums and oral tissue, creating open sores that are exposed to various other non-sterile items in your mouth. Although an infected cut doesn’t sound serious, it can spread to other areas in your mouth as well as your blood. This can cause serious results like rapid bone loss.

Additionally, the pressure placed on your teeth from rubber bands and hairbands can be detrimental to them by affecting their roots. Placing unchecked tension on your teeth can cut off the circulation in your mouth and destroy your teeth.

They Could Cost More Than You Saved In The Long Run

The most important consequence, assuming you considered DIY braces to save money, is that you’ll most likely end up spending more once you’ve made your smile worse. If you end up losing your teeth, it could require multiple costly procedures to restore your smile. The more serious consequences such as bone loss may even need to be corrected by expensive surgical procedures.

Safe Treatment Options For A Straighter Smile

There are safer and more effective ways to go about straightening your smile. Your dentist may offer ClearCorrect, which gives you a cleaner grin without all the brackets and metals. Additionally, getting traditional braces professionally put on by your orthodontist can help you avoid countless problems. These options are a great investment for your future, good for adults and teenagers, and are your safest bet.

Working with professionals to ensure safe and effective results that don’t put your health at risk is important. With personalized dental treatments, you can get your specific needs met while also getting the smile you’ve been wanting.

About the Author

Dr. Nicholas Brong strives to help each of his patients maintain their healthiest possible smiles. He has been providing patients with high quality treatment and care since 2012. He also offers clear braces that can straighten smiles without all the hassle of dealing with traditional braces. For any questions or to schedule an appointment, visit his website or contact 507-288-1066.

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