Why Your Dentist Says to Leave Braces to the Professionals

August 9, 2018

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A woman with mouth pain.If you’ve been looking for a cheaper alternative to orthodontic treatments, you may have come across the many people trying to shift teeth entirely on their own online. This do-it-yourself method may seem like an appealing departure from traditional orthodontic treatments like braces and clear aligners, but if you’ve ever spoken with a dentist about it, you’d quickly find out why it’s typically ineffective and dangerous.

To protect your smile and stay informed, take note of these six reasons to avoid the DIY method for shifting teeth.

Tooth Loss is Possible

Using materials that aren’t designed for shifting teeth (i.e. rubber bands, hair ties, paperclips, etc.) could permanently damage your tooth roots in the process. Without functional roots, the chances of shifting teeth aren’t the only way you put your oral health at risk. Blood flow could be disrupted, which can cause your tooth to lose essential nutrients and eventually die. This will inevitably lead to tooth loss.

The Chance of Relapse is High

Even professional orthodontic treatments can result in a relapse if they aren’t properly looked after by a dentist. If even professional treatments can still result in relapse, imagine how likely it is with an unregulated alternative.

Furthermore, DIY braces often tout quick results, which is not an effective way to straighten teeth and keep them that way.

Your Speech Can Easily Change

DIY braces rarely target all the teeth you intend to shift. They can also easily shift teeth you didn’t expect to address, affecting the way your bite comes together. If your upper and lower jaw don’t align properly, it can negatively affect your ability to chew and even pronounce certain words.

Gum Infections Are Likely

DIY braces usually make use of materials that are not medical-grade nor properly sterilized. This trait is extremely important for any medical treatment, not just orthodontics. If your materials aren’t clean, they can easily transmit bacteria to your gum tissue, causing an infection. Infected gums can’t house teeth properly, increasing your chances of tooth loss.

You Could Pay More in the Long-Term

We all know that orthodontic treatments aren’t cheap. However, that doesn’t mean that restorative treatments like dental implants, periodontal therapy, and root canals to fix complications from DIY braces are any cheaper.

The Trauma Isn’t Worth It

Whether it’s trauma experienced from attempting DIY braces, oral surgery or missing teeth, it’s not worth going through. When you visit a dentist for orthodontic treatment, you’ll get the confidence and expertise needed to manage and receive complicated treatments like braces or aligners from ClearCorrect.

With the right expertise and supervision, you don’t have to worry about wasting money, causing severe oral damage, losing teeth, or likely misalignment relapse. To get started fixing your crooked smile or gaps, schedule an appointment today!

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Dr. Nicholas Brong earned his Doctor of Dental Surgery from the University of California in San Francisco. He offers ClearCorrect aligners to help patients shift their teeth properly, without the use of metal brackets, safely and effectively. To learn more about this treatment, you can contact him through his website.

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